Payables Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Unless your school, division or department has a different requirement, a Payment Request Form (PDF) is only needed when:  

  • An invoice with an invoice number is not part of the supporting documentation;  or
  • An invoice does not have an invoice number

When submitting an invoice with an invoice number to University Payables, please ensure the following is present. This information cannot obstruct any information on the invoice. Please place the information in a blank area on the invoice as the invoice must remain legible.

  • Approval is given by writing on the invoice “ok to pay”
  • The approval is signed and dated. The approver should print his/her name after the approval signature. 
  • The approver should identify his/her title.    
  • Provide general ledger coding/accounting string to which the expense should be charged.  If the invoice is PO related, please identify the PO number, if the number is not present on the invoice. For blanket PO numbers, a release number with the PO number is needed.


A Payment Request Form (PDF) is required when an invoice does not contain a valid invoice number. A valid invoice must include an Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Company Name and Address, and Amount Due.


Specific information about purchase orders is located on Procurement’s website.  Items exempt from competition do not require a purchase order.

A Purchase Order is issued by  Procurement after a requisition is submitted to them. A Payment Request Form is used to submit an invoice for payment to University Payables.

Information about creating a requisition for a purchase order is located on the purchase orders webpage.

Research the invoices to ensure it is a duplicate.

If confirmed, unassign the duplicate adding a comment accordingly.

If you need something urgently removed please modify it prior to unassigning, which will allow you to process the one you have without having to wait for the duplicate to be removed by Payables staff.

Modify by doing the following steps:

  1. Delete the line items under itemization summary.
  2. Complete all the vertical red lined fields.
  3. Add DUP to the end of the invoice # field. For example: modify inv #123 to inv #123DUP.
  4. Change the invoice amount to 0.00.
  5. Save and unassign adding a comment.

Information about new supplier registration is located in the Suppliers section of the Procure-to-Pay website. Existing suppliers can find information about updating and maintaining their data.

An invoice is the official document from a supplier requesting payments for goods or services rendered. A pro forma invoice is a price quote and subject to change. University Payables does not pay from pro forma invoices, statements, quotes or estimates.

All departmental users can run the SC-255 report in the Enterprise Accounting System (EAS). If you require assistance in running this report, please visit  EAS Training & Support and select the Learn about EAS Reports  link.

Instructions, and best practices, for receiving items in iBuy are available in the iBuy+ Invoice training documents.

Please review these instructions for receiving items in EAS.

All departmental users can run the SC-255 report in EAS. If you require assistance in running this report, please visit  EAS Training & Support and select the Learn about EAS Reports  link.

Detailed information on the correct procedure for USCIS Filing Fee payment requests is available.


There are several reasons why the stipend did not pay. Please create a support ticket with the Division of Information Technology for further research.

Department Approvers and Releasers are assigned by the Finance Directors. Please contact your Finance Director if you are unsure of your Approver or Releaser.

Please see the Stipend Calendar Information for specific details.

Absolutely! Please complete the  Direct Deposit Authorization Form. Additional information is available from Payroll Services.

The stipend was determined to be subject to tax withholding by the Tax Department. For further information regarding this determination, please contact the Tax Department.

No, you will not receive a Form 1099 for your stipend payments. If you have additional questions on this subject, please contact the Tax Department.

Stipends use a weekly payment cycle.  To be included in a weekly cycle, please release the stipends by Tuesday at 2 p.m.  Payments will be produced each Wednesday and be available at the Marvin Center for pickup each Friday.  Note:  Stipends not released by 2 p.m. each Tuesday will be paid on the next weekly payment cycle. For more information, please refer to Stipend Resources .

Travel & Business Expense Reimbursements

Use an approved Missing Receipt Acknowledgement and Approval Form as your receipt in Concur.  It is not intended to replace a missing/lost receipt on a consistent basis. Lost/missing receipts should be infrequent and unusual, as receipts can be reprinted or easily requested (i.e., hotels, catering, restaurants if the date is provided), and should generally be for small dollar amounts.

Meals and miscellaneous expenses (tips for baggage handlers, metro fares, etc.) under $75.00 do not require a receipt but the expense must be appropriately documented.

We follow the IRS standard mileage  rate.  As this updates yearly, please put mileage rate in their search tab for the current rate.  Concur does this automatically.

If you have direct deposit with Payroll, you should receive your reimbursements direct deposited. If this is not happening, you should contact University Payables at (571) 553-0247 or [email protected] .

Please see this step-by-step walk through for Concur on filing the report. 

Homeland Security Fees

Homeland Security fee requests (U.S Citizenship & Immigration Services  filing fees) are processed in iBuy+ Invoice.  Guidance on completion of the form fields in Concur is available.

Stop Payments

All departmental users can run the SC-255 report in EAS. If you require assistance in running this report, please visit  EAS Training & Support and select the Learn about EAS Reports  link.

Yes. All supplier profile modifications such as banking changes must be initiated by the supplier using the new self-service portal, iSupplyGW. Information regarding the portal, along with training documentation, can be found in the Doing Business with GW section of the procurement website, or contact [email protected] for additional assistance.