Our Team

Donna Ginter, Ph.D., C.P.M., CPPO, CPPB, CPCP Executive Director, Procurement and Travel Services, 571-553-4276, [email protected]
         JoAnne Becker Analyst, Financial Systems & Business Intelligence, 571-553-4489, [email protected]
          Vince Johns Travel Services Administrator, 571-553-4269, [email protected]
          Tony Bott Procurement Support Assistant, iBuy Help Desk, 571-553-3656, [email protected]
Eric Ritterbusch Director of Procurement, 571-553-4298, [email protected]
Mimi Lima, MBA, CPPO           Manager, Contract Services, 571-553-4215, [email protected]
          Sandra Land Buyer, 571-553-4272, [email protected]
          Basil Wilson Buyer, 571-553-4279, [email protected]
          Ivelaw Christie Central Cell Program, 571-553-4159, [email protected]
          Bruce Grogan Senior Buyer, 571-553-4247, [email protected]
          Debra Wimbrow Senior Buyer, 571-553-1793, [email protected]
          Rodney Johnson Senior Buyer, 571-553-4278, [email protected]
          Katherine Steele Senior Buyer, 571-553-4274, [email protected]
          Elena Wittman Senior Buyer, 571-553-0231, [email protected]
Shelley Shearer Manager Strategic Services, 571-553-4261, [email protected]
          Corinne Calef iSupplyGW Program Manager, 571-553-3719, [email protected]
          Daniel Callum  iSupplyGW Program Specialist, 571-553-4129, [email protected]
          William Joyner PCard Specialist, 571-553-4267, [email protected]
          Vivian Walson Finance Coordinator, Expense Reporting, 571-553-4163, [email protected]