IV. Other Offices (Where P2P is Not Initially Involved) that Handle Matters Associated with Contracts and Transactions

There are several issues and matters related to contract transactions, which may be initially handled by offices in the university other than P2P or OGC. The following is a list, by subject matter, of those transaction issues and the responsible office. If you are dealing with one of the transaction issue noted below you should reach out to the specific office to ensure the transaction will be handled appropriately. These offices should be contacted early in the contract process because they have expertise and existing processes in place. In many cases, after working with one of  these offices, your contract may subsequently be subject to review through the appropriate process, whether that is with P2P (See Section III) or the Office of General Counsel (See Section V, the Contract Review and Approval Process).

Contract Matters Handled by Specific University Offices


IT Products and Services

GW Information Technology (GW IT) must be contacted to review all proposed purchases and acquisitions of IT products and services, including software and hardware, as well as services  that process non-public and personal information (even when purchasing with a P-Card!). Through the Vendor Security Risk Assessment, GW IT Security will evaluate the product or service’s security controls and network compatibility with GW system standards and technical specifications. It is most efficient to have GW IT Security review all such products and vendor practices before a contract is submitted as a Purchase Requisition to P2P.

NOTE: A GW IT Security review is required prior to purchase by P-Card.

When a GW registered supplier will process, store, or transact non-public or personal information, a GW IT Vendor Security Risk Assessment AND review by the Privacy Office is required. To begin a Vendor Security Risk Assessment, an end user must submit a request for an IT Security Risk Assessment. For more information, please contact [email protected] or IT Security Assessment FAQs. Requests for a privacy review can be made directly to the Privacy Office via [email protected].

Digital Accessibility End user offices must ensure that IT products and services procured by GW are accessible to people with disabilities. IT products should be fully usable by people with disabilities, so that  they have equal access to it, as people without disabilities have. Currently, GW strives to conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, Level AA. GW expects suppliers of IT products to have tested their products to confirm accessibility quality and to document the accessibility of the products using the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) report. More information can be found on the Accessibility at GW website. Questions can be sent through the Accessibility Feedback Form and consulting with the appropriate office.
Audio and Video Production Services For production company services, the Office of Risk Management and Insurance has provided a list of approved production company contractors, based on completion of a risk assessment. P2P requirements still apply to these contractors, depending on the funding source and amount of the contract.
Audio and Video Recording Permission Recording on campus, including photography and filming, for external news, film and/or documentary purposes (not for internal videos/audios that a GW school or unit is developing for their own marketing and outreach) must be reviewed and approved by Media Relations team. Please contact [email protected] for additional information.
Construction and Renovation Services

Facilities Planning, Construction and Management (FPCM) coordinates and manages all construction and renovation projects on GW campuses and facilities. FPCM maintains a process for  administering construction-related contracts and works with P2P when engaging construction managers and professional service providers.
Please contact (202) 994-6700 for additional information.
For repair services, see below (“Repair Services”).

Entertainment Contractors For on-campus entertainment services (i.e., amusement activities, games) and production companies (i.e., lighting, sound, etc., for staged events), the Office of Risk Management and  Insurance has conducted a risk assessment and provided list of preferred entertainment vendors. P2P review and processing requirements still apply to these contractors, depending on the funding source and amount of the contract.
Gifts and Bequests The Division of Development and Alumni Relations assists the university in the receipt of donations. Each of GW’s schools and colleges, along with departments such as Athletics, the Museum and Libraries, has their own development office. Initiating gift and bequest transactions should begin with these offices. Contact information is included on the GW giving website.
International Affiliations The Office of International Programs must be consulted on all contracts with foreign entities and/or relating to academic activity overseas, including international academic affiliations. They  review these contracts and provide feedback prior to execution at GW. The Office of International Programs can be reached at [email protected] or (202) 994-0470.
Employment Recruitment University Human Resources (HR) is available to provide expertise on employee recruiting and hiring at GW, including employee/executive searches, and employment contracts. With  regard to contracts with search firms, to ensure the ability of the university to appropriately document the recruitment and selection process, to comply with reporting requirements under federal law, and to adhere to university policies and standards, the end user office must contact designated HR staff to coordinate search protocol with the search firm prior to the start of the search process. Within each school and division, a designated HR Client Partner can be reached to assist you. Contact information for HR is found on the GW HR website.
GW Administration meeting or performance space

Events and Venues department coordinates the scheduling, planning and executing of events held in campus meeting, performance, and event spaces. Information on venue spaces and  rental are provided on the Venues website.). Collegiate Services can be contacted for guidance on event catering, programming and protocols, For additional information, please contact  Events and Venues at (202) 994-7470 or [email protected].

Student Events Office of Student Life in the Division for Student Affairs. Student organizations that have contracts related to events must process them in accordance with the procedures set forth in the  Student Organization Handbook. Student Life manages spaces for students and student organizations to hold events, including guest lectures, performances and celebrations through the University Student Center. Contact [email protected] for student contract assistance. Contact the University Student Center at [email protected] for reservation assistance.
Repair Services

Facilities Planning, Construction and Management manages all on-campus repair and maintenance services, including housekeeping, moving services, pest control, life safety upkeep,  grounds and recycling/waste management. Requests for maintenance are submitted using the Fix-It System found on the Facilities Repairs website. Contact (202) 994-6706 for additional  information.

Sponsored Research

The Office of the Vice Provost for Research works collaboratively with Research Administration Pods to support principal investigators and department staff to submit compliant research  proposals and oversee the administration of grants and contracts throughout the life of a project. Sponsored research administration services are organized into Pods that support two or  more schools. Please consult the GW Research Administrative Pods Page to find your contact. If you are unsure of who to contact, please contact [email protected].

Surplus University Property Allocation and/or Disposal For guidance on the proper allocation and/or disposition of surplus university property, please see the Surplus University Property Policy. Also, as applicable, see the Electronic Equipment  Recycling Policy and/or Fixed Asset Management Policy on the University Policy website.
Technology Commercialization The Technology Commercialization Office promotes and facilitates the commercialization of GW technology and innovation, including licensing technologies and fostering collaboration  between GW’s researchers and industry partners. They can be reached at (202) 994-1917 or [email protected].
Transportation Services For transportation services, the Office of Risk Management and Insurance has provided a list of approved transportation contractors, based on completion of a risk assessment. Procurement  requirements still apply to these contractors, depending on the funding source and amount of the contract.
GW's Names and Logos for Third Parties and Merchandise Use of GW's trademarked names and logos are managed by Licensing & Trademarks in Business Services. Requests to obtain permission for use of the university’s name or logos for third  parties can be submitted through the Licensing & Trademarks webpage. When purchasing merchandise for your department or organization please make sure to follow the university's Trademark Guidelines for merchandise and submit all artwork for approval.