P-Card Helpful Guidelines

How to Check your Balance

Please call the number on the back of your P-Card for automated information on your balance and remaining credit for the month cycle. Funds are reset on the 22nd each month.

Reporting with iBuy+ Expense

At the direction of your Department/School, report your P-Card transactions in a timely manner through the iBuy+ Expense Reporting System.

All P-Card transactions will be transmitted to the iBuy Expense Reporting System under the Cardholder's account associated with the P-Card as follows: 

GW receives nightly downloads from the Bank on P-Card transactions they have received from suppliers. GW then disperses this information to the users with the designated P-Card account numbers into the iBuy+ Expense Reporting System. If the supplier has not transmitted the information to the Bank then GW has not received the information to disburse into the iBuy+ Expense Reporting System. Suppliers may take up to two weeks to transmit to the Bank. Once the transactions are visible in the Available Expenses section in the iBuy+ Expense Reporting System, they are available to be placed on an expense report. It is suggested that Cardholders view the training on expense report creation related to the next steps.

New Card Activation - Pin Creation

An issue has been reported that cardholders are experiencing declines of chip cards at Point-of-Sale (POS) locations. We have determined that the issue is specific to cardholders who, after card activation, did not set up their Personal Identification Number (PIN). Cardholders experiencing declines at POS are encouraged to call the number on the back of their card to set up a new PIN or reset the previous PIN using the Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) system

Delinquent Reporting

The protocol has multiple purposes:

  • Obtain immediate action from employees and P-Card holders to submit an expense report to address the aging charges.
  • Define the escalation path when timely action by the P-Card holder does not occur. At 40 days, escalation to the employee’s manager will occur.
  • Define appropriate time frame for additional corrective activity such as declining reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses, suspension of P-Card privileges and including the amount on the employee’s W-2.

More details regarding delinquent reporting can be found here.

Sales Tax on the P-Card

GW, as a non-profit entity, is exempt from paying sales tax on certain goods and services in states where we have received a tax exemption certificate.  Currently there are 17 states in which GW holds tax exempt status.

More guidance regarding sales tax charges on a P-Card can be found here.