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Contract Review, Execution, and Management

The University and the MFA have adopted a new contract management system called “Gatekeeper” that will improve the management of all third-party contracts related to the purchase of goods and services.  Gatekeeper will be the system of record for review, processing, execution, and timely notification of contract expiration and renewals. This new system is housed on the P2P website for easy access when submitting new contracts for review or uploading legacy contracts for document retention purposes.

Gatekeeper use is mandatory and is available to GW faculty and staff and MFA staff who are involved in the routing of contracts/legal documents for the purchase of goods and services on behalf of their department.

The benefits of this system are:

  •        Improved tracking and reporting through Department-specific dashboards.

  •        Centralized legacy contracts, making it easy to upload and search existing and legacy contracts for your department.

  •        To serve as a comprehensive/centralized contract repository.

  •        To enable better contract management through reminders and notices from the system.

  •        Ensuring compliance with the University and MFA policies and contractual terms.

  •        Improved internal collaboration by implementing a customized workflow designed to allow the intake of contracts and to route them seamlessly through various offices.

When to send requests through Gatekeeper

Departments should submit requests involving vendors’ contracts or legal documents for review and execution via the Gatekeeper contract management system if they are for commercial services and goods purchase contracts where P-Card will be used for the settlement of payment - see the Contract Review Process for P-Card Use – or transactions without financial obligations, such as master services agreements (MSAs) or Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) that require review and signature. Please note that the vendor must be willing to accept P-Card payment without charging the University or MFA a credit card bank transaction fee. Otherwise, the request should be submitted via EAS/Oracle Purchasing Requisition. Once the review is completed, the assigned P2P Buyer will upload the ratified contract in Gatekeeper and share a copy with the requesting department and the vendor upon release of the purchase order (PO).

P2P Review Turn-Around Time

There is no difference in the turn-around time it takes to review contracts submitted through Gatekeeper or the EAS/Oracle system.

Depending on the complexity of the contract, a vendor’s terms and conditions or legal document may take up to two months to complete all required reviews for the parties to negotiate edits and fully execute the contract. As such, we highly encourage requesting departments to submit their requests as soon as possible.

Get started!  See the steps below on how it works.

Submit a Request

  •       Complete the online Intake Request Form. Click on the "Submit a Request" button below to start.

  •        After submitting the completed request form, the Requester/Sender will receive an automated confirmation email. An assigned P2P Buyer will review the request for completeness and contact Requester if additional information is needed before a P2P Contract Management team member starts the review process.

  •       Requestor will receive email notifications as the contract goes through the necessary review phases with the expert reviewer offices (e.g., OGC & Risk), vendor negotiation, and finally, contract execution phase.

Submit a Request

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Upcoming P2P Gatekeeper Contract Management Training Sessions on WebEx

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May 14, 2024: 10am-11am

Sessions available upon request - email [email protected]

Training Videos and Presentation Slides

How to Submit a Contract Request (VIDEO)

Gatekeeper End User Training Presentation Slides (PDF)

How to Upload an Executed Contract (VIDEO)

Contract Review Information & Questionnaire


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