Multi-function Device Suppliers

As the result of a competitive RFP process, Procure-to-Pay (P2P) is pleased to announce the two newly awarded multi-function device (printer/copier) contracts. The selected vendors are deemed suitable and qualified to provide managed print services to Medical Faculty Associates, Inc. and the George Washington University's departments and schools. To standardize and streamline the copier/printer process, each vendor will provide three types of multi-function printers/copiers from which to choose.

Procurement will provide end-user departments with confidential pricing, an available class of copiers/printers to choose from, and instructions on requesting a new device or replacing an existing unit. Submit the completed request form through Gatekeeper.

Note that consolidation and "right-sizing" the fleet of units/departments may require collaboration with the vendors to assess needs and to determine the best strategy to address your department's needs, taking into consideration current resources and the necessary supplement for the ultimate performance.

Effective immediately, all new printer/copier requests must leverage one of the two approved/contracted vendors.

  • Xerox
  • UBT - Canon

Ordering and Payment Process

  • Complete the order placement form.
  • Engage your IT pod for review and awareness of networking requirements.
  • Return form to P2P – Finance Director/Program Global Admin. and IT signatures are required.
  • Once the order is approved, placed, and invoiced, the payment will be made via the University or MFA Ghost Card (P-Card) on file with the selected vendor. P2P will then allocate charges to the appropriate departments for reconciliation.
  • The standard average lease term ranges from 24 months to 48 months.
  • A purchase option is available and encouraged.

Current Devices

  • Departments should continue to use their current machine(s) through the end of their lease period.
  • Contact P2P to arrange for the removal and replacement of the existing device with the approved vendor before the lease expiration. If the department owns the device, P2P will be happy to discuss the best options for replacement.
  • Complete the new device form and submit it to P2P for review and order placement.

Outgoing Vendors

There should be no new placements from the following vendors:

  • Ricoh
  • Canon - Direct
  • National Leasing and Financing (NLFC) – MFA
  • Toshiba – Digital Office Products

The devices provided by these vendors may remain in place until the end of their lease term.

Please contact Procure-to-Pay at [email protected] or [email protected] for questions on this transition.