VI. Template (and Model) Contracts

The Office of General Counsel has developed template contracts for use by P2P, as well as some divisions and schools that have established a precise need and repeated use for a contract in
particular engagements and transactions.

Templates are developed in an effort to reduce administrative steps associated with the contract review process for transactions that are regularly entered into and not usually subject to  substantial negotiation.

Accordingly, the ideal scenario for a contracted transaction using an OGC-approved template is that the contract will not need to be reviewed by OGC or other collateral reviewers before execution. This is because the locked contract terms remain unchanged, not having been negotiated or edited by the parties. If the other party does request edits to the contract terms, however, the contract must be reviewed by OGC and other collateral reviewers, as appropriate.

Model contracts are similar to templates, but the contract terms of a model are not locked and the form serves as a starting place to create a contract, rather than as a fill in the blank but otherwise
settled document. Model contracts are subject to the full contract review process, as appropriate.

P2P Templates

P2P has template contracts that can be used in some business transactions on behalf of the University. These template contracts are identified for use by P2P on a case-by-case basis, usually
after an office/division has submitted a request for a service or acquisition via EAS/Oracle Purchasing Requisition. Contact P2P at [email protected] for more information about P2P template

Division and School Templates and Models

Several schools and programs hold standard template contracts and contract models used for academic programming. OGC works directly with the schools to periodically review and make
updates to these templates.

Additionally, OGC has some model contract forms that can be used to prepare contracts related to common academic activities.

If you have questions regarding the use and of any template, model or form-based contracts, please contact your finance director, finance team, P2P or OGC, as appropriate.