Procurement Manual

A Note from the Procure-to-Pay Team

This manual is designed for GW staff and faculty involved in requesting, ordering, receiving, and/or paying for goods or services needed by departments and schools. It is a guide to the tasks and responsibilities of employees who play a role helping maintain the university’s reputation for fairness and integrity in procurement practices.

To have an outstanding procurement program, all personnel involved must work as a team, and cooperation between the various functions is vital. Those individuals whose duties require them to become a part of the acquisition function must be aware of the responsibilities delegated to them in their role as an agent for their school/department; and with the Procurement staff who can help them through the procurement process.

This guide will serve as a general framework within which consistent, sound business decisions can be made. The policies and procedures outlined in this manual are all within the context of the university, Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs), Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circulars, Uniform Guidance (UG) and other governing sources.

Please note that the goal is to procure materials, supplies, equipment and services deemed to be the best value. To achieve this objective, the university needs to seek, within reason, as much competition as possible. This requires all players in the process to adopt the value of fairness so that the process is open to all those who want to compete for our business.

Each person involved in procurement strives to ensure that integrity and sound business practices are woven throughout the procurement cycle in order to maintain a position of unquestioned ethics in the transaction of university business.

Finally, we welcome your comments or suggestions for improvement and these may be incorporated in future revisions of these procedures. 

Procurement Manual