Doing Business with GW

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the George Washington University (GW).

GW recognizes individuals, sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, government agencies, and exempt organizations. If you are interested in being considered for opportunities as a GW supplier, we encourage you to read about our Supplier Registration Policy, Code of Conduct, and Current Business Opportunities.  You will then have the opportunity to register your company using our secure iSupply database by following the procedures  in the upcoming tabs for either a New Supplier or Existing Supplier. Information collected by GW details your business classification along with the types of goods and services the organization offers helping us identify potential suppliers who may be invited to participate in GW’s sourcing/bid selection process. The Information you provide is frequently accessed by GW Buyers to identify qualified suppliers as new needs and requirements arise.

The University also maintains a Supplier Diversity Initiate Program (MBE/WBE) as part of its efforts to increase participation of minority and women vendors (MBE/WBE). GW seeks to achieve this goal through primary and second-tier suppliers. All primary suppliers must submit a plan with their bids, indicating how they intend to use minority and women owned vendors as their second-tier suppliers. Each plan is evaluated based on good-faith efforts and is considered based on the following factors:

  • Availability of minority/women vendors who can supply the goods and services requested in the bid documents
  • Competitiveness of the prospective second-tier suppliers

The use of local minority and women owned businesses strengthen our commitment to the local community. In all cases, however, it is expected that the vendors meet the criteria relating to the price, service, and delivery. Supplier diversity will be one, but not the sole consideration in all contract awards. Ultimately it will be left to the discretion of the primary supplier as to which second-tier suppliers it uses. When a contract is awarded, the supplier is required to maintain its second-tier effort to submit monthly on its progress.