Best Practices for Receiving Goods in iBuy+ Invoice

For 3-way PO invoice submission, please follow the "Dos" and avoid the "Don'ts" listed in the table below. An invoice with an over-receiving or incorrect receiving issue will fail its interface into EAS, which ultimately delays payment to our supplier. As a reminder, EAS and iBuy+ Invoice are updated via an overnight process. The update is not "real-time".

Do Don't
Receiving can be done in iBuy+ Invoice (preferred) or EAS. Do not receive goods in both iBuy+ Invoice and EAS.
In iBuy+ Invoice, receive goods per line on the PO. In iBuy+ Invoice, do not receive ALL goods on one PO line. Match the invoice lines to the PO lines when receiving.
In iBuy+ Invoice, receive the quantity and unit of measure exactly as it is on the PO. Do not change the Unit of Measure and the Unit Price.
In iBuy+ Invoice, use a unique receipt number. In iBuy+ Invoice, do not use the same receipt number.
In iBuy+ Invoice, if there are any changes to receiving then edit or delete the receipt and re-enter the receipt information. Examples are: To correct the receipt on the day it was originally posted, use the edit or delete buttons to make your corrections. If you are correcting the receipt on any day different from the original receipt posting date, create a new receipt with a negative or positive correction quantity AND populate the Original Receipt Number field with the receipt number you are correcting. Populating the Original Receipt Number field is critical to how the receipt will get processed in EAS and critical to keeping iBuy+ Invoice and EAS in sync. In iBuy+ Invoice, do not attempt to reverse a receipt by entering a new receipt with a negative quantity line.

Revised 2-24-21

Please direct questions to University Payables Customer Service at [email protected].