Prohibited Purchases

P-Cards may be used to buy anything EXCEPT the unauthorized/prohibited items listed below:

  1. Any order that exceeds the established Single Transaction Limit for the P-Card holder. A transaction may consist of one or many items. Splitting a large order into multiple transactions each less than the established Single Transaction Limit for the P-Card holder is prohibited and may result in card suspension. However, transactions greater than the established Single Transaction Limit for the P-Card holder may be allowed if preapproved in writing by Finance Directors, Deans or Associate Vice Presidents. Refer to the university’s Procurement Manual for additional information about the required documentation on P-Card transactions and thresholds for competition.
  2. Services rendered by an individual or sole-proprietor LLC regardless of dollar amount due to the university’s Workers Classification Form requirement and/or the potential for tax reporting requirements.  Please consult the Tax Department's website for the exemption to the WCF requirement job classifications.  These services may be able to be paid on a P-Card.  Please contact the P-Card office for further information if your service appears on the exemption listing.
  3. Gasoline for personal vehicles.
  4. Laboratory Animal orders placed by anyone other than the Animal Research Facility.
  5. Goods and Services greater than $3,500 unless the P-Card is being used as the payment method to satisfy a previously executed contract. When the services are paid by the P-Card, a copy of the executed contract with the receipt and invoice must be attached to the expense report.
  6. Prizes, awards, and gift certificates, such as gift cards and cash equivalents (GWorld debit cards) unless approved in advance in writing by the Finance Director for the School/Division. The Gift Card Request Form must be submitted in advance of purchase along with any justification documents tied to the university’s competitive thresholds. These approvals must be attached to the expense report as an additional receipt(s) related to the transaction(s). If the purchase is federally funded and greater than $3,500, then a Justification and Approval Form, executed by Procurement, must be included as part of the documentation for the purchase. A copy of the Gift Card Purchase Request Form is available on the Procurement website at
  7. Radioactive materials unless ordered by the Radiation Safety Office.
  8. Special Occasion Items for specific individuals (flowers, fruit baskets, candy, balloons, etc.), unless approved in advance by a Vice President, Dean or Associate Vice President. The approval document must be submitted with the expense report as an additional receipt related to the transaction.
  9. Any purchase prohibited by another university policy.