Travel Apps


Concur Technologies is the provider of GW’s iBuy+ Travel Services system. Included with the booking tool are two apps, Concur Mobile and TripitPro that assist travelers prior to the trip, while traveling and in the expense reimbursement process. 

  • Concur Mobile: Concur for Mobile allows travelers to manage anything expense and or travel related, wherever they are. From booking and managing itineraries to capturing receipts and submitting expense reports, your smartphone can do it all with Concur Mobile.

  • Tripit: Tripit is a planning and organizing tool that works in conjunction with iBuy Travel. Tripit combines the traveler's reservations purchased through iBuy+ Travel with those that had to be purchased offline into one complete itinerary. Tripit also gives travelers the option to choose those with whom they wish to share their travel information through social media. An upgraded version of Tripit which has a membership fee, includes email communication to the traveler's smartphone regarding flight status, gate changes and other helpful options.

    Travelers who wish to enroll in the Tripit or Tripit Pro tool can go to or the market on their Apple or Android phone or notebook to download the tool. GW will not reimburse travelers for the Tripit Pro annual fee.