Requesting Payments for GW H-1B Sponsorship (USCIS Filing Fees)

Homeland Security Fee Payment

As soon as possible after submitting the completed application to the ISO, request official GW checks from University Payables to cover USCIS filing fees. Use the following instructions to submit your requests to University Payables for payment using iBuy+ Invoice. You will need to have available to attach to the invoice entry form a screen print from the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration website or other viable documentation to support the requested payment amount and the payment remittance address. If multiple fees are being requested, they need to be submitted in iBuy+ Invoice separately to generate separate checks for the individual fees.

Instructions for Concur Invoice

When submitting requests for Homeland Security filing fees to University Payables, populate the fields on the invoice entry form in GW iBuy+ Invoice as indicated below. 

  • For delivery of the Homeland Security checks pertaining to petitions to McCandlish Holton, select supplier #248034, Site: Washington-04, with the address as shown below.





WASHINGTON, DC 20529-2260

  • Prepare the request using the Non PO Payment Request Policy.
  • Select "N/A" in the Are All Services Performed Outside the US? field.
  • Select "No" in the Is 100% of the Payment for Services? field.
  • Select "Non-PO Commercial Invoice" or "Other - Identify" in the Invoice Form Type field.
  • Select "Standard" in the Invoice Type field.
  • In the Invoice Name, use the naming convention "Homeland Security,Name of person the fee is for,type if fee being paid,URGENT".
  • The beneficiary name and type of fee must be placed in the Payment Remittance Description (Visible to Vendors) field on the invoice entry form.
  • The Invoice Number should include the invoice date and amount to be paid in whole dollars.
    • Example: Invoice date is 06/10/2021, and the amount $2,500.99.  Invoice number should be 0610212500.
  • Invoice Date is the current date (the date the request is being made to University Payables).
  • Currency is USD-US. Dollar.
  • Total Invoice Amount - one fee per request.
  • Grant/Non-Grant, Oracle Alias, and FD Group - select appropriate payment source. These allocations, along with the Expense Type in Distributions, is department and school specific. Check with the appropriate Finance Director for clarification if needed. 
  • Select "Attachment Required" in the Special Handling Code field to alert Payables of the requirement.
USCIS form attachment field image
  • In the Comments (Message to AP) field on the invoice entry screen please put only "McCandlish Holton".
  • Select the correct FD Group.
  • Be sure to hit the save button on the Concur screen.

Once submitted, and then reviewed and approved by the designated approver, the request is forwarded to University Payables. A priority is made to have the requests approved and included on the Monday check payment run.  Checks are issued to U.S. Homeland Security and sent to McCandlish Holton by FedEx.

Please contact University Payables at [email protected] with any questions.