Requesting Payments for GW H-1B Sponsorship (USCIS Filing Fees)

Homeland Security Fee Payment

As soon as possible after submitting the complete application to the ISO, request official GW checks from University Payables to cover USCIS filing fees. Use the following instructions to submit your requests for payment to University Payables.

Instructions for Concur Invoice

When submitting requests for Homeland Security filing fees to University Payables, include a screen-print from the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration website or other viable documentation to support the requested payment amount and the payment remittance address. Populate the following fields on the invoice entry form in GW iBuy+ Invoice as indicated below. 

  • For delivery of the Homeland Security checks pertaining to petitions to Helen Konrad, Esq., Immigration Practice Group, McCandlish Holton, place the address, as shown below, in the “Comments (Message to AP) field" on the invoice entry screen.

Helen Konrad, Esq.
Immigration Practice Group
McCandlish Holton, PC
1111 East Main Street, Suite 2000
Richmond, VA 23219

  • “Attachment Required” should be selected in the “Special Handling Code” field on the invoice entry form.
  •  The beneficiary name and type of fee must be placed in the “Special Handling Detail” field on the invoice entry form.

Please contact University Payables at [email protected] with any questions.