P-Card Enrollment

Please Note:

  • If you are due for a renewal card or switching departments, do not  apply for a new card. The renewal will be issued automatically, and you are only required to retake the training. For department changes, please have your new Finance Director request a change to your card information by emailing [email protected].

Before you Apply

  • You must have a completed profile in Concur.  It is critical that the P-Card Program has accurate e-mail, home and work address, and phone numbers including cell number (see 'Add Mobile Device')  for each cardholder. 

Steps to Apply for a P-Card

  • These step-by-step instructions walk you through the Application Procedures for the GW Procurement Card (PDF).
  • Visit Concur/Requests to complete your P-Card Application.
  • Submit the request. It will automatically route to your Finance Director. Do not try to add or alter the approval flow.
  • *If you have technical difficulties or are unable to access, please contact [email protected].

Next Steps

  • All new card and renewal card issuances must have completed the required P-Card Training.

Approver Steps


On occasion a card is issued to a student due to travel abroad. The student must first register with HRIS as an affiliate. The information on how to register with HRIS as well as the form needed to get the correct access to Concur can be found on the iBuy website.

Changes to Existing Account

Virtually any change that will need to made to an existing account or any information that you may need to communicate with the P-Card Office can be handled with an email request from the Finance Director to [email protected].