The GW P-Card is a corporate credit card that can be used to make small-dollar purchases necessary to conduct university business. GW’s P-Card is administered by Procurement and Travel Services.  You can reach the P-Card Program by calling 571-553-4267 or by emailing [email protected].  If you need to contact JPMorgan to report a lost card or fraudulent charge(s), please call 800-316-6056 (U.S/Canada) or Outside North America 847-488-3748 (call collect).  If you need to reach PNC for card issues, please call the pcard office for further instructions, or the number on the back of your card.

The GW P-Card is a “corporate liability” card; the university pays the monthly bill. A P-Card is issued to a specific individual. The card is used by authorized GW staff, faculty, and student employees, and by designated affiliate fiscal staff to purchase small-dollar items ($3,500) for university use. The authorized cardholder is able to purchase directly on behalf of GW, thereby facilitating tax-exempt purchases.

GW offers two choices in P-Cards: (1) a standard revolving card, in which the cycle limit is refreshed on the 21st of each month, or (2) a Declining Balance Card, which is a non-revolving card with a finite credit limit and defined ending date. Each P-Card is set up with the following control parameters:

  • Maximum dollar amount per transaction: The department/school determines the maximum dollar amount that each cardholder can spend in a single transaction. The default per-transaction limit allowed for any P-Card is $3,500 unless there is a business need for an amount larger that has been justified by the Finance Director, Dean or Associate Vice President.
  • Credit limit: The department determines the maximum dollar amount that can be spent by each cardholder during a cycle (or during the entire period of a Declining Balance Card). The cycle begins on the 21st of the month and ends on the 20th of the following month.
  • Card Expiration date: Used for the Declining Balance Card to indicate when the card expires. This type of card is not renewed if the expiration date has elapsed.
  • Merchant Category Codes: Each P-Card is further set up to exclude specific Merchant Category Codes when necessary.


Departments are liable for all charges made on P-Cards assigned to their cardholders and are liable for charges on lost or stolen cards before the card is reported lost or stolen to the issuing bank. Fraudulent charges should be disputed, and the Bank will make an effort to recoup those charges and credit back the cardholder.  In addition, the Department is liable for all transactions reallocated to sponsored project funds, including any charges that are unallowable according to the terms of the specific grant/award.

The P-Card staff in Procurement are responsible for ensuring P-Cards are administered in accordance with university’s policies and procedures.  

Who Can Obtain a P-Card?

Any GW employee working on behalf of the university is eligible to apply for a P-Card by submitting a fully executed P-Card Enrollment Form.

Cardholders should be those employees authorized to transact business or complete purchases on the university’s behalf.