Liquidating Encumbered Funds

When a Purchase Order is approved and submitted to the Enterprise Accounting System, the funds of the budget being charged are encumbered (funds reserved) and cannot be used for any other purchases. When encumbered funds are not used; for example, due to amount expended is less than the original amount encumbered,  these funds should be liquidated (process of releasing the unused funds) in order to free the funds for other uses.

  • Run the PO-266 Encumbrance Activity Report by GL Accounting Flexfield (EAS access required)
  • Select "Yes" for parameter "Show Detail Lines"
  • For Grants: Run the GM-410 Award-Project Encumbrance Report for your PTA and attach it to your liquidation request.
  • Complete the Liquidation Request Form (LRF) (PDF) and email it to [email protected]