Bottled & Filtered Water Services



Procurement has received a lot of inquiries tied to Pro-Line Water contracts for service.  Please do not sign anything associated with these leases for water filtration for a couple of reasons:

  1. Most likely you do not carry signature authority for the university.
  2. GW has a standing agreement that covers the units in place that establishes pricing and service.  New units or modifications to that agreement must be done by Procurement via a requisition from your office.
  3. We have asked that Pro-Line not solicit commitments or signed agreements with individual offices.

Thanks for your cooperation on this matter.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mimi Lima at 3-4215  or at [email protected]

Deer Park Spring Water and Pro Line Water LTD are currently the preferred providers of bottled and filtered water to the GW Community. In addition to bottled water coolers, Deer Park and Pro Line Water now offer professionally installed water filtration units. Both Deer Park and Pro Line offer countertop and free standing versions. While providing both hot and cold water in one small space, water filtration units eliminate the need for bottle storage and are considered part of a sustainable option for meeting GW-Sustainability goals.

Deer Park units have a monthly rental fee while Pro Line units may be leased for 1-year or 3­-year periods or purchased outright. 

To get more information or to establish a Deer Park* or Pro Line** account for your office, complete the Request for Water Service Form (PDF) and email to Basil Wilson at [email protected]. Your request will be reviewed for completeness and forwarded to one or both of our preferred suppliers notifying them of your approval to receive the GW discounted rate. 

*Note: Due to the high volume of Deer Park accounts, a monthly electronic billing is processed by Accounts Payable. End-users may track their water expenses on their monthly Budget Performance Report.

**Note: Pro Line accounts are billed annually and can be set up to pay by P-Card or purchase order.