New Supplier Information Letter

A letter to a potential new supplier can facilitate the registration process by summarizing the procedure and the documentation requirements.

Sample text for letter to potential new (Domestic) supplier:


In order for GW to make payments to "VENDOR NAME", it will need to be registered as a GW supplier via the iSupplyGW portal.

Prior to registration you will need to have the following documents completed and ready for attaching to your application as a vendor. Your Accounting/Business office may have some of this info readily available:

  • IRS W9 Form, Rev. March 2024 (Required)
  • Supplier Registration form, Rev. Nov 2023 (Required)
  • All documentation must include a "wet” signature & date (hand signed pen-to-paper) or digitally certified electronic signature and date (such as Adobe or Docusign). Simply writing or typing a "First name/ Last name” will not be accepted. Signature typed fonts are also not accepted. 

When you have these documents completed, please access the iSupplyGW portal and register your organization as a vendor.  On this page, you can simply click on the "Supplier Registration Portal" or on "Register" (at the bottom of the page) and that will take you to the registration page. Estimated time: 5-10 minutes.

Please let me know if you have any questions. It may take several days to be approved in the system by our Procurement office. Once you receive confirmation that registration is complete, please let me know so that we can initiate the requisition process.

If you have any issues with the registration, please contact directly [email protected]. Thank you.