Sponsored Projects Departmental Corrections & Cost Transfer Justification Form

The Sponsored Projects Departmental Corrections & Cost Transfer Justification Form (DCF/CTJF) is used to redistribute only non-labor grant related charges, to/from a Sponsored Project. These transactions can be found on the Budget Performance Report (BPR) and/or PI Dashboard Report. This form will be submitted via the Invoice Submission page on the Procure-to-Pay website.


  • Only one form should be used per invoice.
  • Consolidate all Departmental Corrections & Cost Transfer Justification Forms (DCF/CTJF) relating to the same invoice (or report key) into one PDF document, label each DCF/CTJF page with "page 1 of x", and submit as one document.
  • There is no dollar threshold for GM transactions.
  • Complete all relevant fields on the CTJ part of the form and obtain all required signatures. Please be sure to answer all questions clearly and in as much detail as possible.
  • Question 5 on the CTJ portion of the form only needs to be filled out if the cost transfer is being requested more than 90 days after posting. The form would then need to be reviewed/signed by the PI, Pod Manager or equivalent, GCAS SPFA, and University Controller.
  • Budget Performance Report (BPR) or PI Dashboard Report must be attached. (For help running these reports, contact your division's or school's fiscal director/manager.)
  • Once completed the forms should be submitted to University Payables with all required documentation using the online submission form.   


There are specific instructions for completing and submitting a DCF.