What Procurement Method Should I Use?



Purchase Order (PO) and Procurement Card (P-Card) are both listed as approved buying methods for transactions $3,500 or less. P-Card transaction activity is monitored to ensure that cardholders are not splitting transactions to get at or below the $3,500 purchasing card transaction limit. When the total purchase transaction cost is greater than $3,500, a PO is recommended for the purchase unless the transaction is specifically noted as allowed in the P-Card policy, or one that can be found under the listing of goods and services that are exempt from competition.

Payment Request Forms (PRF)(PDF) are submitted to Accounts Payable Services. iBuy+ transactions are submitted through one of the iBuy+ systems. Purchases through Travel Services utilize either the iBuy+ Travel system or GW's travel partner, Travel Leaders.

Product or Service Required
P-Card < $3,500
Travel Services
Advertising Costs X X X    
Alcohol (Wine & Spirits) for Events
X X X    
Animal Feed & Supplies X X X    
Animals X        
Answering Services X X      
Art Work X X      
Art Work - Non Capital X X      
Athletic Products X X      
Audiovisual Equip & Supplies X X     X
Auto Parts X X      
Auto Repairs X X      
Beverages, Alcohol & Non-Alcohol X X      
Binding Services X X      
Biologicals - Hazardous X       X
Biological - Non Hazardous X X     X
Books & Reprints X X      
Books for the Department X X      
Bottled Water X X      
Box Lunches X X     X
Bulk Mail X X      
Bus, Charter Services X X      
Business Cards, GW Branded X X     X
Business Expenses, Other Travel Related          
Business Meals       X  
Product or Service Required
P-Card < $3,500
Travel Services
Car Rentals   X   X X
Car Rentals - Non Travel X X   X  
Car Sharing   X   X  
Carpet / Area Run X X      
Catering Services X X      
Cellular Phone (GW Business Accounts Only) X X      
Chemicals, Janitorial X X     X
Chemicals, Research X       X
Cleaning Services X X      
Coffee/Beverage Services X X     X
Computer Consulting X        
Computer Hardware - Capital X X     X
Computer Hardware - Maintenance X X      
Computer Hardware - Non Capital X X     X
Computer Peripherals X X     X
Computer Programming X X      
Computer Rentals X X      
Computer Software X X     X
Computer Software Licenses X X      
Computer Supplies X X     X
Conference Registration Fees X X   X  
Consulting Services X        
Copier / Copy Charges - (Ricoh Only)   X X    
Copier / Printer Equipment - Purchase X X      
Copier / Printer Equipment - Lease X X      
Copier / Printer Maintenance X X      
Copying, Quick Print Services X X      
Product or Service Required
P-Card < $3,500
Travel Services
Courier Services (Local) X X      
Custodial Services X X      
Customs Broker X X      
Dental Equipment X X      
Dental Services X X X    
Dental Supplies X X      
Dry Cleaning X X      
Dry Ice X X      
Dues & Memberships, Allowable X X   X  
Dues & Memberships, Unallowable X X   X  
Employee Recruitment Services X X   X  
Entertainers X        
Entertainment Business Expenses   X      
Entertainment X X      
Equipment Maintenance Specialty Underwriters X X      
Equipment, Research (<$2,500) X X     X
Equipment Computers X X     X
Equipment: Other X X      
Equipment: Rental X X      
Express Shipping, Domestic Service X X      
Express Shipping, Hazardous, Dry Ice X X      
Facilitators & Workshop Leaders X X      
Film Rentals X X      
Product or Service Required
P-Card < $3,500
Travel Services
Firearms & Ammunition X X      
Floral Arrangements X        
Furniture X X     X
Furniture & Fixtures X X     X
Furniture Rental X X      
Gas: Industrial, Medical & Research (Cylinder & Bulk) X X      
Gasoline - Univ Vehicle Only   X      
Gift Cards          
Graphic Art & Design Services X X      
Hazardous Material X X      
Healthcare Supplies for Stockroom X X     X
Hotel & Motel Lodging   X   X X
Insurance, Plans & Premiums X X X    
International Shipping X X      
Journals X X      
Laboratory Supplies X X     X
Laundry Services X X      
Lecture Fees X   X    
Legal & Attorney Fees X   X    
Library Books X X X    
Library Supplies X X      
Linen Services X X      
Magazine Subscriptions X X X    
Maintenance Agreements X X      
Maintenance, Specialty Underwriters X X X    
Product or Service Required
P-Card < $3,500
Travel Services
Management Consulting Services X X      
Mats, Purchase or Cleaning Service X X      
Medical Supplies for Stockrooms X X     X
Memberships Fees & Dues X X X    
Messenger Service X X      
Moving & Relocation Services: Employee X X      
Moving & Relocation Services: Internal X X      
Musicians & Entertainers X   X    
Office Supplies X X     X
Paper, Copier & Printer X X     X
Patient Care Supplies X X      
Performers X        
Permits & Licenses X X X    
Pest Control X X      
Photographic Supplies X X      
Photography Services X X      
Postage, Stamps X X      
Prescription Drugs: Medical X X      
Prescription Drugs: Vet X X      
Printing, Brochures & Forms X X     X
Professional Services X X      
Promotional Products X X      
Publications Electronic & Print X X      
Radioactive Materials X        
Product or Service Required
P-Card < $3,500
Travel Services
Reagents: Research X X     X
Refrigerators, Office X X     X
Refrigerators, Research X X     X
Rental: Facilities X X      
Rental:Non-Travel Related Vehicles X X      
Repairs: Facilities & Capitalized Equipment X X      
Repairs: Univ owned Vehicles X X      
Scientific Supplies X X     X
Security Guards & Services X X      
Security Systems & Alarms X X      
Signage X X      
Stamps, Postage X X      
Stationery & Business Cards, GW Branded X       X
Storage Services X X      
Subcontract - Research (Bal of Contract) X X      
Subcontracts - Research (Initial $25,000) X X      
Subscriptions X X X    
Telecommunications: Equipment, Supplies & Services X X      
Teleconferencing Services X X      
Telephone Services X X X    
Temporary Staffing - Agency Personnel X X      
Tents & Canopies for Events X X      
Training by Staff Development X X      
Training External X X      
Product or Service Required
P-Card < $3,500
Travel Services
Trash Removal X X X    
Travel for Students X X   X  
Travel for Faculty & Staff X X   X  
Travel for Non-employees, Alcohol X X   X  
Travel, Airline Tickets X X   X  
Travel, Amtrak X X   X  
Travel, Hotels X X   X  
Travel, Limo & Sedan Services X X   X  
Typesetting Services X X      
Uniform Services X X      
Uniforms X X      
Utilities: Electric X X X    
Utilities: Gas X X X    
Utilities: Telephone X X X    
Utilities: Water X X X    
Vehicle Rental, Short Term: Dept Use X X      
Veterinary Supplies X X     X
Video Productions X X      
Water, Filtration Systems X X      
Wearing Apparel, GW Branded X X      
Web Design Services X X      
Wine & Spirits (See Alcohol) X X