P-Card Benefits


Using a P-Card gives a Cardholder greater control over small-dollar purchases made on behalf of the university. Using a P-Card for small-dollar purchases eliminates the need to complete the traditional procure-to-pay process (Purchase Requisitions to Invoice , Reimbursement Requests, Petty Cash forms, etc.) and eliminates the need to spend personal money and then seek reimbursement. When authorized, a P-Card can be used to obtain cash advances for business related travel.

What Can I Buy?

A P-Card may be used to purchase any goods and services for university business, subject to the limitations stated in the Cardholder Responsibilities under Prohibited Purchases.

P-Cards should be used to make university related travel reservations through iBuy+ Travel. The P-Card may also be used for travel expenses incurred while traveling on GW business. This includes:

  • airfare
  • lodging
  • meals
  • rental cars
  • registration fees
  • other authorized incidental expenses
  • cash advances from banks and ATM machines (within the limits of the Travel & Entertainment Policy).

Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Expenses have rules and regulations in addition to the general rules and regulations of the P-Card Office. When using a P-Card for T&E expenses, the Cardholder must adhere to ALL GW T&E policies in order to comply with various IRS regulations. Please note: a P-Card may NEVER be used to pay for a spouse or family member to accompany a traveler on GW business unless this unusual circumstance is approved in advance in writing by the appropriate Vice President.

Gasoline may NEVER be purchased with the P-Card for use in a personal vehicle. Purchase of gasoline with the P-Card is permissible only for use in a GW vehicle or a rental car being used for business purposes. Use of a personal vehicle for business travel is reimbursable per the GW T&E Policy at the IRS-approved mileage rate in effect at that time.

Travel Benefits

Cash Advances

While it is preferred that a P-Card be used to pay for all T&E expenses, in certain circumstances there may be a need for cash. Travelers are eligible for P-Card cash advances of up to $500 every 7 days for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses while on travel. Should other limits be necessary to conduct University business, please contact the P-Card office for further instructions.  Cash advances may be obtained either from a bank teller or ATM machine. A Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be required. When a P-Card is first activate, the Cardholder should select a PIN at that time. There will be a charge for obtaining a cash advance of 2% of the cash amount (minimum $3.00), as well as the possibility of an ATM charge. These fees appear as a P-Card transaction within Concur and need to be submitted as expenses on an expense report. It is therefore strongly recommended that purchases be paid for with the P-Card directly rather than with a cash advance. When on foreign travel and if there is a need to exchange currency, an official receipt showing the amount rendered in local currency and in US dollars, as well as fees, must be obtained.

Please note: The exchange rate in effect on the applicable processing date may differ from the rate on the date the card is used. Banks have the right to charge 1% of the U.S. dollar amount on any international transaction.

Traveler Accident Insurance

Automatically insured for $500,000.

Lost Luggage Benefit

Eligible to receive supplemental reimbursement for lost luggage of up to $1,250.

Rental Insurance Coverage

  • Primary Collision/Loss Damage Insurance for up to 31 consecutive days of car rental.
  • Up to $50,000 per incident on claims for which the traveler or any other authorized driver is legally responsible to the vehicle rental company.
  • Secondary Personal Effects Insurance which covers loss, damage, or theft of such effects.
  • Maximum coverage per rental is $1,000 per covered person, per occurrence.