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Forms & Procedure Manuals

These documents provide guidance for specific transactions and activities that you may undertake on behalf of the university. View Procurement specific forms as well as the University's Central Policy Website which contains numerous university policies.

Concur-Related Forms

The following forms are now setup in the Concur product called, "Request". The iBuy+ website contains complete details.

  • P-Card Application
  • Animal Procurement 
  • Gift Card Request
  • Stop Payment Request (Please access AP’s website for more information, including step-by-step instructions.)

Procedure Manuals

Procurement Manual

This manual is designed for GW staff and faculty involved in requesting, ordering, receiving, and/or paying for goods or services needed by departments and schools. 

Contract Process Guide

This Contract Process Guide is intended as a reference to assist university employees in better understanding the processes and procedures associated with contracts and business transactions.

Procurement Policy

This policy establishes the fundamental requirements of the university’s procurement system that shall guide the responsible expenditure of university funds.